Be Willing If You Want to Grow More

Be Willing If You Want to Grow More

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You will have to be willing to grow up your more – if you want more. More will not happen to you. More will not just show up on your door. More will not happen to you until you determine to do your part.

Be willing

The image on the screen showed a product I had created in the past – although it wasn’t exactly my product. It was her version of a product that had the same purpose as mine. The site had developed an entire business around the product shown. It looked like they were doing well – plenty of visitors, lots of engagement, and talk about purchases.

“What about me?”

I could do that. I HAD done that. It annoyed me to see her success in something I had done. If only I had continued working with that product then their income would have been my income.

The thought triggered a second thought. You can’t look at someone else’s results and know what it took to get there.

It was time to get honest.

Yes. I had the product, but it was sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I didn’t talk about it or share it or even have offers for others.

Yes. I had a group, but I didn’t engage and share with the consistency she had shown in the few weeks I had known her.

I might have had something like what she had, but would I have been willing to do all it took to make it happen.

The answer was obviously “no” because I didn’t make it happen.

No matter how good the idea or how amazing the talent, you have to be willing if you want to make it happen.

A Habit To Be Willing

    Be willing to try. The only way you can fail is to not try. If you are willing to try then the worst that can happen is you will learn how to not do something. Try and win even if you don’t win.

    Be willing to invest. It will take an investment from you to make it happen or to make it work for you. You are the only one that can make the investment you need.

    Be willing to admit – admit you don’t know, admit you aren’t sure, or (especially) admit you are wrong. When you are willing to admit then you are open to learning and growing.

    Be willing to move. You can’t get to where you want to go if you don’t move from where you are right now. No matter what you are doing, getting it done will be up to you.

    Be willing to stop. You have to know where to push through and when you need to stop. There will be times when it will be a mistake to keep going. There are the times when you have to be willing to let it go.

You can do it – whatever you are aiming to accomplish. You have to be willing and you have to keep moving in your willing to get it done.

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