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You Find Your Balance When You Know Your Why

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Walking can be difficult without balance – the more narrow the path, the more difficult the balancing act becomes. When you know your why –your unique design purpose and path – then you will be better prepared to stand strong.

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why you were born.
– Mark Twain

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Several years ago my husband and I read a popular book together. We were taking turns staying with his aunt, and we would take a few moments in the transition to talk about what we were reading.

At the end, my husband was annoyed at the book. “Great, the purpose is to love God and love others, but now what?”

Each person is designed on purpose and for a purpose. Some call it your “why.” No matter what the label, it is the driving force for the steps you take and the things you do.

Don’t try to explain this to a frustrated man (or woman). “You still have to pay the bills at the end of the day” is the typical response.

Your why is about more than paying bills – although when you are honed in on your why you find ways to make that element appear.

Defining Your Why

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    What do you love? Think about this. What activity or action do you love to do? Dig deeper and with a serious examination of the heart to define what you love. Write it out. Think about it so more. What do you really love?

    What could you do all day or most days? To get to your destination will require consistent investment. Consistent investment will not happen if you dread every step of the going. It’s why your way can only be defined by you because only you know what will work for you. We also look past what we enjoy because we think others enjoy it the same. What is the thing or the action you could do every day?

    What do you find simple (that others may not)? Too often we over look what we consider simple because it is simple for us (therefore it must be simple for everyone). Your unique gifts and talents make things easy for you that others consider difficult (or too much of a chore to bother tackling). What is something that you consider simple?

    What do you take for granted? There are things you do, and actions you take that are second nature to you. Something that is commonplace for your life will be ignored as a possibility or a purpose because it’s just natural. Things you don’t think about can often be the foundation for growing up your BIG DREAM goals. What actions do you do that you don’t even think about as actions?

    What do others ask you to do or ask you about? You may not see your gifts and talents, but others take notice. When others take notice, they approach you for help. What are some of the areas and actions others seek you out to understand or complete?

You truly are unique in all the world. The problem is that instead of living in the uniqueness we are often trying to fit into the limits the world has designed. Break out of the barrios and limitations and begin living your extraordinary. Not only will you be positioned to soar, but you will create a foundation to find your balance so you can stand strong in your why.

Be blessed,
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