How to Get Distracted from Your Goals

You can get distracted no matter how important the goal or how valuable the completion of the project. Squirrels will run right up and knock on your window to keep you from doing what you know to do. Disruptions will step in between you and your task.

The key will be to stay focused even when you want to follow the rabbit down the trail (I did mention the rabbits, didn’t I?).

I saw something that made me so mad I had to do something. Before I over-reacted, I determined to do some research. Twenty minutes later I was even more upset than when I had started.

It was worse than first determined.

I fumed. I mumbled. I looked for the right outlet to release my rage.

There are certain days of the month when I don’t people all that well – and this day happened to fall right in the middle of those days. I took five minutes to stretch and move, poured a fresh cup of hot tea, and sat back down.

The information continued to show up in my social media feed. I like to be social, but when the social gets hijacked by the negative, it’s not as much fun.

I made a choice. I clicked off the social media feed and changed my focus to something else. Later, when I returned to the social media feed, I made the choice to scroll paste the negatives.

Get Distracted

    Correct the poster. If you want to spend a lot of time doing something that means nothing, then try correcting a person who has posted with a comment in their post. They LOVE that. You can be sure you will not only waste the time formulating the post, but you will also waste time answering the comments to your comments.

    Write a post. Respond to the article you read with your own explanation of how things can be done better. The government (at all levels) constantly rummages throughout the internet looking for a better way to run things. Your effort will not only gain their gratitude but will likely harness the ire of the internet along the way.

    Yell at the screen. This has to be the most effective means of distracting you from your goals. Not only does it allow you to release all the energy you need for what you should be doing but it also serves as an ignition switch to keep you too fired up to focus.

I get lost in the noise too often, but I am learning to get better every day. It helps that I have a support system that will pull me back in when I start wandering out on the limb.
Make a choice. Choose to keep your focus and quit letting distractions run amuck.

Be blessed,
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