Maximizing the Blog

It is becoming obvious to me that today is a day to focus on tweaking my blog website. Most of the articles I have coming to my feeder have been focused on this subject. And then there are those others that I stumbled over in one way or another. All and all my reading material has made me step back and evaluate my blog and what I’m doing right or wrong.

1. The blog title. According to Grizzly over at “How to Make Money Online for Beginners,” I’ve got my title all wrong. It needs to have something to do with the focus of my blog and should include the keywords I am trying to utilize. The article got me thinking about I website I visited once called Raccoon Cheese – which has nothing to do with raccoon or cheese, what a let down. Although the article focused on social media, it prompted me to change the title in my own blog.

2. Link the content. I know I’m not doing enough of this, but I just don’t feel like I have the time. I need to do a better job linking with other people and with linking to my own articles.

3. Create a catching design. The only thing I have used so far has been free themes from WordPress. I have tried to learn enough HTML to be able change colors, titles and perform other simple tasks. It may be time for me to invest in having someone design a site just for me.

4. Monetizing the blog. This is a sore point for me. It’s just not something that I have been able to figure out. But I’m not giving up either. The more articles I read and the more bloggers I meet then the more I begin to understand this whole process.

Most of us are learning this as we go along. Some bloggers figure out the magic button before others, but the ability is out there for all of us to capture a piece of the prize.

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