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Squirrelly Advice You Need to Ignore

Did you know when a squirrel’s next gets too messy the squirrel simply abandons the nest and starts all over. It is easier to abandon a fully formed and functional home than it is to keep it clean. Do you ever feel like it would be easier just to start over?

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I turned into my driveway the other day after a morning filled with errands. I began making a mental list of all the tasks needed to be tackled around the property. Downed trees needed chopping. Fallen limbs needed hauling. Privet needed chopping.

I wasn’t even halfway up the drive and I was exhausted.

Weeds in control of the garden

I seriously thought about just following the squirrelly pattern and abandoning it all – going so far as to search all the listings for home in our area.

Not too long before, my husband had gone on a rand about where we were and where we were going and about how much we were wasting spinning in place.

Speaking of spinning, I need to let you in on something. This wasn’t the first time he had started on this hamster wheel of negatives. He has gone through the litany so many times that I have caught my oldest son mimicking him from the other room (and yes, I told him later that was not nice). So, I’ve learned not to listen or at least to take the words with a grain of salt.

Besides, I had my headphones on with a livestream going in one window, the nightly news going in a second window, and I was participating in a Twitter chat.

Despite all of my best attempts, his words obviously took root. As I drove up from my errands, they haunted me. We has so much to do and there was not time to do it and besides nobody wanted to do it anyway. “Let’s just abandon it all and start over.” That may not be a direct quote of what he said, but it’s what I heard.

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Scanning the many homes and land for sale, I realized none of them would be perfect. None of them would be in the exact location we were currently in (which happens to be geographically centered between downtown Huntsville and downtown Birmingham). None of them would be what we needed them to be without us investing in them.

I was left with a choice – abandon one set of known problems for a set of unknown or start taking the action to deal with the known problems.

Don’t Listen to Squirrel

  • Squirrels don’t have to pay. The real estate market for a squirrel is completely free. Not so much for my next of the woods.
  • squirrel in tree - life lessons from squirrels

  • Squirrels aren’t all they pretend to be. They pretend to be all cute and cuddly. Despite the fluffy tail, squirrels are still rodents. And they can also be mean and destructive. It’s never the best plan to follow the advice of a mean, destructive rodent.
  • Squirrels don’t tend to learn from their mistakes. They have been almost caught by my dogs on the front porch more times than I care to count. I used to go out and help, but I figure if they haven’t learned by now it’s on them. If they aren’t learning then they aren’t going to be good teachers.

It’s time to find the advice for making better choices from a better location. Squirrels might be great for some distracting entertainment, but they are not the best source for life advice.

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