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Guaranteed Freedom Found with Identifying the Little gods

Guaranteed freedom comes when we make the choices that place our footing in the Firm Foundation. The little gods of this world distract us from the real purpose of our lives. We have to make the choices that will drive us to stand up to the little gods so we can stand strong in God’s direction and purpose.

guaranteed freedom from the little gods

My son had been watching television for several hours – well past his bedtime. I told him to turn off the television and reminded him of the rule of turning off all electronics by 8 pm. A fuss followed with a cry of something that could be boiled down to “it’s not fair.”

My husband had been telling us the day before how we all needed to work on another habit (it may or may not have something to do with the use of snark in the house, but I can’t confirm one way or the other). He chimed in on the current situation by announcing, “the 8 pm guideline goes for all of us.”

It should come as no surprise he meant me when he declared “all of us.” I’m the only one that uses my electronics after 8 pm. It’s usually my second round of work, but sometimes I listen to television while I’m working – it stretches my multi-tasker and keeps it in shape.

So, when my husband announced his interpretation of the rule with, “this means you my beautiful bride” – or at least when I heard his meaning because even when my mind creates the translation out of thin air it does it with a twist of snark (which probably explains the other habit my husband said we need to work on).

My first reaction involved throwing something at his head. I have been told this sets a bad example to my children though. My next reaction involved pouting, but since nobody pays attention when I pout, it is more for me than for them.

After some pouting time to myself, I came to the realization that my husband had not been talking to me – not specifically anyway – but he should have been. Not only had I fallen in the trap of “do what I say” but I had also given TV more focus and importance in my life than it ever deserves.

The more I pondered my reaction the more I recognized the little gods all around me stealing from my life.

are little gods destroying your world

Identify the Little gods


Control is a little god with two different faces. Face one demands control. It has to be my way, on my time, and to my benefit. Nobody else gets a say. Face two refuses all control – because if I don’t take control then I can’t be held responsible. It will never be my fault. I give up, give in, tuck my head, or just go along to get along – not responsible . . . no how!


Desire has many masks, but only one reality. Believing the world’s offering over God’s promises and blessings.


Pride can be crafty because we are called to be bold in our unique design. We are released to be the light on the side of the hill – not a light under the bushel. The world attempts to shame us into believing being bold is being prideful. The reality of this little god is trust and belief in self over God.

What are the little gods demanding your focus?

The path you walk will be limited as long as the little gods steal from your resources. Releasing that control begins with identifying the little gods. When you name the little gods and recognize how they are stealing from your life then you are positioned to live out the guaranteed freedom you are designed to live.

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It’s your turn

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