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Judge Not Does NOT Mean Accept All

Judge not so that you won’t be judged.” – from Matthew 7:1

I have a unique design and place on this earth. I have learned (from trial and error I might add) that my place is not on the judgment seat. There have been times when I looked around and declared how wrong my husband someone was in their journey. I could see clearly the wrongness in what was around me.

The quote of the day for May 3 was shared with me by my friend, Gene Hendrix. It was a challenge to take action instead of just sharing words.

At the same time I was sharing his thoughts, I began reading through an interesting article by Matt Walsh about compassion where he covers points to life as an accepting Christian. In the article he talks about how being “nice” and not judging others is not what the Gospel is all about (at least that was my take – it’s a good read so you might have other thoughts you can share).

I went to the Word – because ultimately that is the final word.

The Scripture came from Matthew 7 and is a continuation of Matthew 6 (because it wasn’t originally broken up into chapters). Jesus has been sharing with His followers about how to pray, how to live, and how to be. He makes the point that you can’t help others if you are slinging a beam around at them (again, my inturpretation. I’d love to hear your thoughts).

In other words, I have to get my life right before I can begin to be a help to you in your life.

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The easy path lies in the direction of you. I would rather tell you how to live than to get up and live myself. If I get up and do things then I have to change (my location, my direction, or just release my nice, warm spot). If I tell you what you are doing wrong then I don’t have to change anything about me.

BUT . . .

Just because I don’t tell you what’s wrong in your life does not mean I have to accept what is wrong in your life as normal.

My set of beliefs began to form when my parents were teaching me right from wrong. Some are personal beliefs (I still don’t wear white before Easter) while some move beyond me (I don’t think anyone should have the right to drive while distracted or intoxicated ESPECIALLY while I’m on the road).

The beliefs continued to form and to adjust as I began to learn for myself. The more I learned – the more I dug into that very Word that declares “Judge not” – the more I began to form understandings and awarenesses about who I am and where my place should be (including an understanding that I can’t make you aware).

I’m not here to judge you. I am not even here to judge me. I am here to listen and learn and grow into all THE Word is leading me towards. It doesn’t change the Law, or the Word. It simply reminds me of my unique place.

A Challenge to Judge Not

The Word I read the other day listed some of the things that fill us with unrighteousness (and the list went from murder to disobedience to malice to gossip – and in no particular order). Anything outside the design and leading of the Word is outside the righteousness of God. It is that simple . . . and that challenging.

My goal each morning comes from a challenge I received many years ago: preach the Gospel every day and to everyone you encounter and use words when absolutely necessary. I want to be a testimony instead of having to give my testimony. I want to be living a beam free life so that I am positioned to help others that ask and desire to also find their way to that same beam free life.

I am not judging you for where you are but I know that there is a better Way waiting.

Be blessed,

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