Winning in Purpose

Change in Focus Creates a Life Well-Lived

Maybe you answered the call but at some point gave up. You started down the road but decided to retire or settle, and at some point you let go. You settled for good when you were called to greatness.” – Jeff Goins

I read the words in a book as the song “I Can Only Imagine” played in the background. My heart stirred to the point of tears.

It all happened for a reason. I know that. I quit accepting circumstances as coincidences long ago.

I had just put the radio in the room where I read in an attempt to drive out the negatives that had been weighing me down. I needed to push them out of my mind but I also wanted to push them out of our home.

I had just – at that moment – sat down to read the last few pages of the book because I had just finished prepping the podcast – at that moment.

It all happened right when it needed to happen.

Negatives suck the life out of you – even a person that leans naturally towards rainbows and lollipops will begin to struggle when bombarded with negatives. I had been looking around me and thinking on the idea that it might be time to quit pursuing my dreams and just settle with “the way things always are.”

The unique combination of words at that unique moment infused a spark of home in me. That spark pushed me on a little longer. That little longer allowed me to encounter more hope. The growing hope provided the focus and determination that prepared me for my next opportunity.

I moved passed the thought of quitting and moved forward into the expectation of possible.

refuse to compromise with life

Focus on the Art not the Work to Create a Change in Focus

    – Thinking of work as an art makes it easier for me to recognize my end produce will be unique and one of a kind and not like everyone else and especially that not everyone will appreciate or want it.

    – Art may require years of layers, changes in vision, or a complete restart to help me bring to life what is stirring in my heart – to bring the vision I have in my imagination into reality.

    – Pursuing my art – my work of art if you will – means doing something. It takes action. Staring at the block of marble never created a masterpiece. I must do if I want to keep doing.

    – My understanding of my art – the work of my art – may not be all to the story. I may need to instill small adjustments or a shift in the light to reveal a world of opportunities that would have gone unrecognized otherwise. I have to be willing to search out the minute differences to discover all the possibilities.

I changed my focus in that mixture of words, and music, and heart. I meditated on the ideas and I shared the ideas. The more they percolated in me the more they began to line up with other ideas and teachings that I had been gathering.

It took me opening up and then seeking with eager anticipation to find new and amazing opportunities around me that had been there all along.

Just when you think you will give up – remember you may be one step away from your breakthrough. Dare to change your focus and see what you can see.


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