5 Ways to In-Joy Life

During bible study this morning, I nearly stumbled over the statement about how God wants me to be in joy during the different stages of my life. I went back and read it again – be in joy. So I have decided to INjoy my life from now on.

    1. I will make time to play, whether it’s a board game, or kickball, or tag there will be time in my busy schedule to just have a good time.

    2. Be in the here and now, not focused on the yesterday or tomorrow because the wrong focus will make you miss all the good in your life right now.

    3. Take pleasure in the things that are provided for you (like food, home, land, pets, etc) and actually take the time required to fully appreciate them – just patting the dog on the head as you walk past into the house doesn’t count.

    4. Do it right now (or as soon as possible) instead of putting it off (this includes the chores as well as the fun) because you don’t know what tomorrow may hold. How many people do you know that have put off everything until retirement only to have one of them pass away BEFORE they could enjoy retirement?

    5. Laugh – a lot – with your children, with your spouse, all alone because the simple act of laughter can life up any day.

There is only one life for me and it is going to be one worth talking about. It won’t be special because I will do great and wonderful things (although I do intend to do a few of those) but simply because I lived, I laughed, and I injoyed!

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