Sexiest Man Alive Is Matt Damon – Not

Interesting – maybe. Eye catching – for some. People Magazine has announce that Matt Damon is the “Sexiest Man Alive,” but I have to admit that I don’t get it. He’s too brotherly to be sexy – if that makes sense. These kinds of things don’t really interest me all that much, but it did get me to thinking. Are there universal ideals that make a man stand out from the crowd? Is there really something that truly makes a man sexy to the world, or is sexy in the eye of the beholder?

  • There is something in the eyes that scream sexy – deep, burning, intense eyes that make you aware immediately that he is watching. Just the thought of those eyes will make your knees buckle. The ‘eyes’ definitely have it.
  • If he walks the walk then he’s sexy. Real sexy men hold themselves in a particular way. It exudes confidence but at the same time rejects arrogance. It makes you want to be around them with just the hope that some of it (or maybe him) will rub off on you.
  • The body can’t be counted out. He doesn’t have to be an athlete or have perfectly sculpted abs, but you have to believe that he could sweep you off your feet (literally) if the moment called for it.

  • Uniqueness will get bonus points. There are a lot of cookie cutter beauties out there, but that’s not sexy. Sexy is an individual – unique in all his ways. He will stand out in a crowd (even a crowd of superstars).

Maybe Matt Damon was the right choice. From what I read, he’s a good dad and a good guy. Those unique qualities in the world of Hollywood may have been enough bonuses to push him over the top. I’m not going to spend much time wondering about him. Instead, I’m thinking about my own husband – and I know for me that he truly is the Sexiest Man Alive!

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