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Practicing the Pivot to Keep Your Balance

Practicing the pivot offers the stability you need when the rug gets pulled out from under you. You may not be able to stand in the same place you were standing, but you will find a way to stand.

Quote of the Day:

Practicing the pivot will make a way for you to get through the storms you didn’t even know were coming.

– Kathryn

Practicing the pivot to stand through the storms.

The morning started early but on a positive note. I knew where I was going, and I was going – without flinching and without hesitation. Things were getting done, and lessons were being learned.

Right in the middle of the positive focus, it happened. It always happens when you aren’t expecting it because you might not answer the phone if you were expecting it.

I expected positive things to happen when I answered. I didn’t expect negative because you get what you are expecting.

But it wasn’t positive, and it wasn’t what I wanted, and it threw me for a loop.

I had been asked to give a motivational moment before a meeting, and now I was anything but motivated. I was annoyed. I was tired. I was frustrated. I knew if I took the time to mull over what had been said then I would be so much more.

“Throw in the towel,” the negatives began bombarding me. “Why bother?” They were right. We’d been mired down in it for over a year. It was our new normal. Why expect anything different.

I took a deep breath and blew the negatives away as I exhaled (in my mind, I imagine I have the superpowers of Superman and can huff and puff them far from me). I smiled a smile just for me. Nobody else could see it, but my heart could feel it. When my heart felt it, my words reflected it. I shared a motivational word that came from a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King about helping others. By the end of the short share, I had a better spirit about the situation.

Nothing had changed except my heart. A heart change will prepare you to change the world, and a heart change will most definitely provide you with the balance to pivot.

Practicing the Pivot 
Turn from the frustration
Turn from the Task
Turn around

Practicing the Pivot

  • Turn from what is causing the frustration to something that creates joy. Sharing a word of motivation does that for me. Helping others feel encouragement encourages me and allows me to step around the frustration and look at it from a different angle.
  • Turn away from the task. Do something unrelated. A move apart from the frustration removes the ability for the frustration to drive the cart (and if it can’t drive the cart, then it can’t drive it into a ditch).
  • Turn around. Close your eyes for a moment and turn around to face the moment again, with a fresh look. Even a moment distracted can be enough to let you see your way around, or over, or just beyond.

Things will not go the way you expected them to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find what you expect no matter how things go. Practicing the pivot will help you see the possibilities even when the negatives try to take control. Practicing the pivot will give you the strength to jump when the rug begins to move, and if you jump around enough, you begin to dance. Practicing the pivot will make a way for you to get through the storms you didn’t even know were coming.

How will you practice the pivot? The more you share your tips, the more you strengthen your pivoting muscles (and you strengthen others to begin practicing the pivot in their journey). I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Be blessed,


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