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What Would Your Younger Self Say to You?

What would you say to your younger self? If you haven’t been asked this question, then you haven’t been in a group trying to set goals or gain perspective on your journey. It’s a standard question that only falls a little behind, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

It’s interesting to take time to review what you have learned, and all you experienced and then put into words that could explain to your younger self a better way or at least a different way (or maybe just offer proof you got through it all).

Few of us look back with confidence and declare that we made all the right choices in all the situations.

Attitude of Your Younger Self

  • Your younger self did some things you never would do now – with your hindsight knowledge guiding your decisions.
  • Your younger self thought about today and only a little about tomorrow – with your hindsight you would have told her to care more about tomorrow.
  • Your younger self sang with the radio, rode with the windows down, and enjoyed the journey even when she didn’t know where she was going – with your hindsight you could help her stay on a directed path.

You might have a lot to say to your younger self. Your words might focus on missed opportunities or mistakes. You could share about the road you traveled so you could take one less so.

But what would be really interesting is to let your younger self hear it all and then take a moment to hear what she might say to you.

Quote of the Day: “It doesn’t have to be complicated. 
It just has to be you.” 
– Kathryn Lang

“It doesn’t have to be complicated.
It just has to be you.”
– Kathryn Lang

Wisdom from Your Younger Self

  • Your younger self would probably dare you to keep dreaming. Dreams stir the creative process and open doors of opportunity that could never exist without it.
  • Your younger self would probably dare you to enjoy the experience more and worry less about what you are wearing. It’s the moments that add up in value. The clothing will fade and go out of style (granted, if you hold on to it long enough it could come back into style, but do you really need to be wearing it even if it does?).
  • Your younger self would probably encourage you to laugh more. Laughter is good for the heart, the mind, and the body. Besides, it makes the journey worth it.

Your younger self would probably have as much to say to you now as you have to say to her then. What have you left behind that she would encourage you to pick back up? What have you stopped that she would remind you fired up your passion when you were her?

Dare to sit down and have a conversation with your younger self, and spend a good portion of the time listen to what she has to share.

Be blessed,


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