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How to Walk out the Simple Truth of Victory

Keep it simple, saints – because the Truth is simple. The world is determined to make it complicated. I have to invest my time to keep the simple in its place. I walk out my victory when I settle into the simple truth of my victory.

“Not by might. Not by power. But by My Spirit says the Lord.”

The words floated around in my mind the entire time I was walking and stretching. Some moments they were upfront and right in my face. Other moments they were on the back edge of my thoughts.

The morning started with Scripture readings from the Old Testament They all seemed to echo this idea. The battle is not one because of what I do but because of God.

God’s Got This – Living Faith Out Loud

You would think the repetition of the phrase through my thoughts combined with the Scripture would be enough, but just for added emphasis, I received a reminder of a post from a year ago on Facebook.

“My fight will not be won because I have walked out the directions of God in my life. The battle was already won – but God. I just have to walk into that Victory.”

I have been so busy trying to determine what I should do that I lost track that God has already done it.

Keep it Simple to Walk in Victory

  1. Start the day in the Word. I have to make God a priority if I want to walk in the path He has provided for me.
  2. Feed the mind with possibility and hope. The things I read – in books and online, or the words I hear – through television, radio, or the internet – need to be feeding the possibilities for my life and growing up hope in my heart. If it isn’t, then turn it off or turn away.
  3. Find a way to relate it to the promise. When things come at me, it is up to me to flip it around into the promise. Maybe I find a life lesson in the encounter. Maybe I AM the life lesson in the encounter. If I am focused on the promise then I will find a way.
  4. Meditate on the gratitudes. Be thankful in the moment. Write out the blessings. Repeat the gratitudes when things are not so pleasant. Where I focus will be my guiding energy. I want to focus on the gratitudes.

God has this. I know that God has got this, but I still have to walk it out every day with bold determination. It is too easy to tell God, “I know You have this, but I recognize You are busy with the rest of the world so I’ll just take it back and handle it.”

God is not limited in how much He can do. As a matter of fact, it is done. The Victory has been won. It is finished. All I need to do is stay under His wing and I will walk out the truth of Victory in Him.

Be blessed,
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