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5 Tips Shared by Growing HOPE to Keep It Close

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MAP IT OUT – Week 8 – Test

Monday – Keep It Close

I sometimes need to keep it close to avoid telling everyone about my dreams, so that I’m positioned to walk out those dreams.

I know that there are many times when the things that are going on in my life are not for everyone around me. The revelations for me are not always for the hearts of others – maybe they are in a different place or maybe their hearts aren’t prepared or maybe, just maybe, it was a pre-flight check just for the Pilot and me.

Practice Keeping It Close

We are each on a unique path, and sometimes as I am growing up that path and growing up into that path, I need to hold close the ideas that are driving it.

Growing HOPE - MAP IT OUT - Test - Keep it Close

  1. I write it out for me
  2. I speak it out for me
  3. I pray it out

  4. I hold back from oversharing
  5. Keep repeating it

God puts dreams in my heart and my mind and sometimes I just need to keep it between me and Him until He shows me otherwise.

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