4 Questions to Know Why You Do What You Do

You have to know why to know what and you have to know what if you are going to move . . . and you have to move to get there. It starts with your why. Have you discovered your why?

know your why

Not many days go by when I don’t find myself in a discussion or chat that turns to the magic why. Business people talk about the importance of why when it comes to branding. Entrepreneurs talk about the power of why for guiding the step. Faith focused folks talk about why for determining mission and purpose living.

Why matters.

I was challenged a couple of years back to come up with a personal why mantra. I reviewed some comments I had received over the years and I came up with this declaration:

I am called to lift up, cheer up, and stir up the Children of God with simple and bold ideas.

But, I also know I have a passion for purpose and unlocking your uniqueness.

When I try to cram all of my ideas into my why then it becomes too crowded to focus.

Your why should be simple, focused, but flexible.

Determine Your Why

  • What really ignites your passion and desire to do more? Your why will stir a positive emotional response.
  • What do others notice about you? Too often, the most powerful points of our why are hidden to us – or maybe it’s better said that we are too close to see. We need someone outside to help us understand.
  • What would you do every day (that would be a blessing or benefit for others) if money wasn’t a concern? Many of the limitations we have in our lives keep us from seeing or understanding our why.

  • What does an ideal day look like for you? When you take the time to see what works for you and what is right for you then you begin to recognize your why.

You have a why and your why is important. Understanding your why will help you make the plans and take the steps that will move you to your BIG DREAM goals. If you want to build your life of overflowing peace and joy then take some time to know your why.

Be blessed,

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Not There Yet?

LEt’s work together. Defining your why starts with honing your focus. Are your ready to move to the next level of your possibility living?

Know Your Why

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