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How to Discover Your Simple Path to Enjoy the Journey

It’s a simple path that leads to success. It’s a simple journey that you’re called to walk. It’s a simple purpose that is waiting for you to fulfill.

We invest way too much into making the simple complicated. It really can be “that simple” to walk out our unique design. We just have to make the choices that will lead us down that path.

define your unique design

Words have always had an important place in my life. I knew from an early age I wanted words to be part of my journey. I knew – but they convinced me otherwise.

I had other gifts and abilities they said couldn’t be squandered in a pursuit of something as frivolous as words.

It took many years to come back to the place where words began to play a part in my journey. No sooner had I found my footing then they showed up to tell me the better way – the right way – to move forward.

I fell for it – hook, line, and sinker.

It took many more years to come back around to the place I had started or at least where I had started to start before they got involved.

It is simple.

Keep it that way.

Simple Ideas for Unique Design

Define your driving forces

I am a natural-born encourager. I have always been on the sidelines cheering folks. I have even been known to cheer opponents along in the middle of the competition. It is my natural tilt. When you know your natural tendencies then it becomes simple for you to walk out your journey in those tendencies. It is the authentic you.
What is your natural tilt?

Determine what you love to do not just what you CAN do

I can do a lot of things I don’t necessarily love to do. I can work with children, but I have a limited amount of tolerance. It’s why I could make good money babysitting growing up. It wasn’t an everyday gig. But I LOVE words, and I could write all day every day.
What do you love to do that you could do every day without hesitation?

Decide what you are willing to do

Someone asked me once what I was willing to write and I made the mistake of answering “anything.” I love words and I enjoy research, so I thought it was a safe answer. He then preceded to give me a list of topics I not only won’t write about but blushed with him bringing up. It turns out there are some things I am not willing to do even if I can “technically” do them.

What are your limits or limitations?

We all have things we can do, but that doesn’t mean we want to do them. We all have talents we like to keep to ourselves – to be brought out in our alone “worship” time. We all have things we are capable of doing when we have to, but we don’t necessarily want to do them all the time.

The simple path lies in the unique design and purpose. When you determine the unique “happy” elements of you then you will be able to enjoy your journey.

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Want More Help?

We all need that extra boost of encouragement now and then. If you need more help defining your WhiteBoard of World Domination or wrangling your time for more purposeful investment, I can help.

I can coach you through the process of finding your focus on a personal basis.

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