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Invasion of Snarky Rainbows Launching Unique Pursuit

The unique pursuit of your purpose can be sparked by the simple recognition of your differences – by you or by someone else. Instead of wasting energy and resources trying to fit into a box THEY built, you free yourself up to walk your own path.

snarky rainbows with kathryn lang

It all started for me with some free play on words. I listened to her tell her story and then I summarized what I had heard with my own take – utilizing a twist of antonyms and some creative license.

She laughed. I laughed. Laughter is good.

No part of the encounter that I had fit into the rules THEY had declared were required for my success. I had not been “professional” or “business-like” in my dealings. I had not shifted my message or my tone to fit into the parameters THEY defined as correct.

I was me – and me is the one I was designed to be even if THEY don’t think it’s good or acceptable.

It had been a long time since I had made the choice to buck the rules THEY set. THEY said they had the keys to my success and what they presented seemed good. I adjusted. I shifted. I slowly conformed.

Laughing with her felt so much better and it left me wondering.

One evening, during a Twitter chat, I was encouraged to add my own unique style and personality to my LinkedIn profile. I confess I was shocked by the suggestion. If any platform screamed “business-like” it was LinkedIn. They assured me that humor – yes, even snark – or faith would be okay as long as it remained within the tone and message of my brand.

Since I am my brand, I felt free to be me. And me is the one I was designed to be, so me is good.

Later that week, at CoWorking Night in Huntsville, Alabama, during introduction time at the Writers 4 Writers meet-up, I shared how I was a natural-born encourage that loved wordplay and a little snark.

From across the room, Jim shook his head. “I just don’t get it.” He said. “I can’t begin to understand how encouragement and snark go together. It’s like trying to envision snarky rainbows.”

I would like to say the clouds parted and a beam of light shown down in that moment. It was more like Thom lit up as I lit up and I knew in that moment that “snarky rainbows” painted the image of how I often talked. “A dash of hope, a pinch of fun, all twisted up in snarky rainbows.”

I immediately had the image in my head of the butterfly sitting on a rainbow tornado. The image, the words, and the encouragement all helped me take the bold steps out of the box THEY had encouraged me to build and into my bold purpose.

define you to pursue your place in purpose

Finding Your Snarky Rainbows

We all have a unique design and a unique purpose. It is the uniqueness that creates the you that you were designed to be. When you find it, it will help to fuel your ability to step out into all of your possibilities.

  • What sets you apart from most others?
    Keep in mind the old saying ‘like attracts like” when you are thinking this through. You probably hang around people that are like you in many ways. The thing you want to look for is how you are different even from those that are so like you.
  • What makes you smile? Your unique qualities will bring you joy and with joy comes the smile. If it makes you smile and warms your heart then it will be something you want to repeat. When you want to repeat something then it becomes a joy to do instead of work that has to be done.
  • What do others point out to you?
    Often others can see our driving forces – our superpowers if you will – better than we ever could. Because it comes easy and natural to us we often assume it comes easy and natural to others. Others open our eyes to gifts and talents we thought were ordinary activities.

You are unique in all the world. Sometimes something small can help you recognize how seemingly unrelated traits can come together to make the ultimate uniqueness, but you never put them together because they were unrelated. For me, it took a little ‘snarky rainbows’ to free my unique pursuit. What is your snarky rainbows moment?

Be blessed,

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Discover Your Place in Purpose

We all are designed on purpose and for a purpose. When you discover your place in purpose then you will be positioned to live a life of boldness.

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