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3 Simple Questions to Help Discover Your Unique Design

Discovering your unique design gives you the strength to thrive in your journey. You are unique. The trick can be in understanding your uniqueness and how it works in your day-to-day living. It takes intentional investment (and often confusing steps to those outside of your unique journey) to understand and to pursue your path.

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January 25 , 2020

Moment of HOPE

Discover Your Unique Design

You are unique in all the world. Most of us have heard this. Some of us understand this. Few of us live this.

When we find our uniqueness and uncover the heartseed planted in each one of us from the begging then we are in the position to live a purposeful life. When we discover our unique design then we can get to the place where we no longer work for a living and instead live in our working.

We are designed to thrive in this journey, but until we discover the unique design then we will be struggling to survive.

The other day, my husband and I were watching “Last Man Standing.” This particular episode had Mike Baxter trying to convince his son-in-law, Kyle, to stay working at the company instead of pursuing ministry. Basically, Mike determined to take on God.

Along the way, Mike changes his tune. He calls Kyle into his office. The conversation that happened next focused on why Kyle had come to his office.

“I came because you called,” Kyle told Mike.

“Why did I call,” Mike asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Then why did you come.”

“Because you called,” Kyle answered.

One of the reasons I hear people aren’t doing what they believe is their unique design has to do with understanding why. “I don’t know why I would need to do that.”

Others aren’t doing it because they don’t know the next step. “I’m not sure why God revealed that.”

We get caught in the “need to know” position when we don’t really need to know the why. We only need to know the what.

What is your unique design?

When God reveals your unique design, that is His calling to you to be . . . well, you! You don’t have to understand all of the picture. You don’t have to understand all of your unique design. You simply have to respond to His call.

It will look different for each one of us because each call is unique (because each person is unique). One thing will remain constant. You have to be invested in knowing yourself if you are going to discover your unique design.

Questions to Discover Your Unique Design

You are unique which means nobody else can give you the blueprint for your design. Copying another’s process will not reap the same results. Following others will not get you to your destination. Only when you know you will you be positioned to live you.

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  • What lights your heart? Your unique design grows up from your heart and will stir your heart when you are involved with it.
  • What do others highlight about you? You can’t read the label of the jar from inside the jar. In the same way, others often see our unique design before you can understand it.
  • What is something you would be happy to do every day (that would be a blessing or benefit to others)? It’s important that the focus is on blessing others and benefiting others because our base position always should be “Love God, love others.”

Your unique design will fit perfectly in the purpose of God because God designed you to fit into that place in His purpose. It is up to you to be invested in knowing Him so that you can understand all that He has designed AND CALLED you to be.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Daily Challenge - discovering unique design

Discovering Unique Design

What lights your heart?
What do others highlight in you?
What is something you never tire of doing?

The more you know your unique design, the bolder you can be in pursuing your purpose to thrive.

Quote of the Day

“You create a life worth living when you discover your unique design.” – Kathryn Lang

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What Others Say

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Exodus 25 – 27
1 Kings 1 – 4
Ecclesiastes 9 – 10
Jeremiah 31 – 34
Psalm 120 – 125

Scripture Focus - Psalm 121:8

Scripture Focus:

“The Lord will preserve you when you are going out and when you are coming back in and even for evermore.” – from Psalm 121:8

Ponder Point:

God watches out for you – when you are at home, when you are out in the world, and forever. There are no limits to how God can and will watch out for your – WHEN you make the choice to live in His design and purpose.

Share Moment:

How do you feel God watching out for you?

Study Question

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