Family Time – I Like Them I Really Like Them

I like my family.

Most of the time I even want to be around my family and doing things with them because I like them. We play games together. We attend activities together. We even have meals together, sometimes up to three times each day.

My friend Dawn shared a blog post about the feelings that women so often are expected to have about their husbands and about their family. “You deserve some free time.” “My husband is helpless.” “I never get to be alone.”

The article – which you can read here on To Sow a Seed – talked about being at a women’s bible study (on being a better wife ironically) and the negative talk going around the table.

I will probably make a few folks mad – but I am a mom so I have that happen on at least on occasion each day. It will NOT hurt my feelings. I do NOT deserve a break. I do NOT deserve time to myself. I do NOT deserve to get away from everyone. The truth is that I made a choice to be a mom, and a wife, and ultimately I made the choice to be a Christian so “my time” no longer exists.

[tweetthis]My life is worth more when I am more concerned about giving than about getting[/tweetthis]

It is not about me.

I am designed for relationships – first with God and then with others – and when I put those relationships in order then I no longer need to have “girls’ night” or get away without the kids. They are a part of our “church” body – and might I add that they are just as important a part as any part! All parts are necessary.

God did tell us to get away and to recharge, but He always meant to get away WITH HIM and to recharge through HIM. A shopping trip with my girlfriends or lunch with my girlfriends will not replace my alone time with God. It is not meant to.

There are times when I go to lunch or to coffee with others. It is something I work out with my family for a specific reason – and not just to get away from them. There are times when my boys got to activities or events without me. Again, there is a reason.

I do not like my family all the time but I love them all the time. I do sometimes want to be alone but it I a need to seek out that still, small voice more than anything else.

I think it is important to find fellowship with others – after all we are designed for those relationships. I think it is even more important to find fellowship with others that think it is NOT all about them.

Be blessed,


I need people that will lift me up and encourage me on this journey – because it is hard enough to deal with the world without my support system piling on the negativity as well. Do you have positive reinforcement in your life?

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