Share a Smile to Hold Tight to Hope

Share a smile. A smile spreads warmth and joy. A smile spreads smiles. A smile keeps them wondering what you’re up to. Find a creative way to share a smile today.

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Aerosmith was one of the few concerts I ever attended. Way back then, after you had to walk uphill both ways to school, but before your phone could track your moves, there weren’t seats in front of the stage. If you could get upfront, you could stand upfront.

Our group had staked out a spot right in front of Steven Tyler, and we even had the benefit of the giant fans set up to keep the stage cool.

Towards the end of the concert, some obnoxious guy stepped in front of me, instantly cutting me off from the cool breeze. The temperature jumped tremendously, and I went from enjoying the concert to disappointment and frustration.

I must have been making an awful face because Steven Tyler caught my eye, motioned for me to smile, and continued to sing . . . to me. His encouragement to smile turned my frown upside down. And it was cool having him sing to me, too!

Smiles have a way of catching. When you encourage someone to smile, you smile more, and they smile, and then they encourage others to smile. Smiling is a contagious, encouraging power. Put that power to work, and you will change the world one smile at a time.

Six Creative Ways to Share a Smile

  1. Post a smile on social media. It could be an actual smile, or it could be something that made you smile. Puns and wordplay jokes are some great ways to generate smiles (and groans). Dad jokes work the same way.
  2. Smile at others. It’s harder to do right now, but when you can’t show your smile to the world, carry a smile around with you. Paste your smile to a paddle and carry it with you when you’re running errands. When you need to smile, hold up the paddle. At least one person will smile in return.
  3. Mail a smile. Send a note or card to someone with nothing but a smile inside. You don’t even have to sign the card. Just share a smile by mail.
  4. Invest in smiles. Purchase some smiley-faced stickers and leave them in random places. Random smiles are some of the best smiles to find.
  5. Paint a smile. Paint small objects with smiling critters on them. Leave the items around for strangers to find or pass them on to your friends and family as surprise gifts. Smiles and gifts are splendid companions.
  6. Make smile cards. Use a box of blank business cards or small index cards. Draw creative smiles on each card so you can hand them out to people you encounter throughout your day. Leave them in the drive-thru window at the bank. Place them around the grocery store. Give them to your server. You never know when your smile card will be the very smile someone needed to see.

A simple smile may not change the world all on its own, but a simple smile will change the moment it encounters.

Smiling gives you the power to enjoy the journey, even when the journey seems to overflow with twists and turns. Sharing the warmth and joy of a smile allows you to grow the power that comes from the place where smiles grow.

Dare to share a smile today and share your creative ideas for passing on the smiles.

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A simple smile may not change the world all on its own, but a simple smile will change the moment it encounters.

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