Becoming Unreasonable

“It is unreasonable to say that you live without stress in your life.” The conversation started because I asked for help with building the page for the class coming up in April. Blessed to De-Stress talks about tips for living a life without stress (you can sign up to join us on this journey by clicking this link to Sunday Scholars).

Running into the unreasonable arguments happens more than I like to think about. My husband has used it in the past over my relaxed attitude about finances. “It is not reasonable to keep saying it will all work out.” He has skipped those comments these last few months because things ARE working out.

“It is not reasonable to say that you can lose weight without diet and exercise.” I come from a family of medical people – doctors, surgeons and nurses. Science prevails even when results appear.

The list goes on and touches on things from words to fear. People tell me that my actions or attitude are unreasonable because they make no sense. I tried to explain that the reason is simple. But most are unable to hear.

Path to Unreasonable Living

The last several years I have built of a wall around my heart, my mind and my body. That wall sits on a foundation of faith developed through study, prayer and silent meditation. Each single brick has been molded with hope and they are bound together with a peace that passes all understanding.

It took a long time for the walls to go up. Some days the labor caused tears of pain and other times the satisfaction poured out more tears – this time of joy. Maintaining the wall takes daily diligence. Consistency keeps the joints sealed and the heart protected from all of the things attempting to breach the wall.

I am unreasonable to the world because I do not follow the rules of the world.

I have quit trying to convince others about my actions and attitudes. It is impossible to talk others out of convictions. Even when they see they do not always believe (just read some of the stories of Jesus). My prayer now focuses on my own walk. I thank God for the changes He has made in my life and that those changes may spark changes in the lives of those that I encounter. I dare to be different even when others demand that I be reasonable.

Live unreasonable. Do NOT conform to this world. Be transformed.

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