Take Control From Your Husband

Oprah had another show on today about de-cluttering your life. I was taking a break, and I thought it would make a good choice for letting my mind relax and recharge (and those clutter shows, particularly with Peter Walsh) are a great motivator for me.

I was enjoying the show quite a bit and even making a few comments to the TV. Then my husband starts yelling “amen’s” from the other room and I just want to throw a shoe at his head.

Our home is NOT cluttered, at least not to the degree you see on all the different shows. We have the odd box of clothes here and there, but mainly because there is no place to store them because my husband complains any time he has to go into the attic.

I was about to start listing all the wonderful accomplishments I’ve made over the last few years – anything to justify my feelings for my husband’s attitude. But the truth is that I don’t have my home where I want it to be. There are still things that I want to release so that I have more space (and more money when the stuff is sold).

It’s not right that my husband (who is in no way perfect himself AND who has his own stuff that he doesn’t deal with) makes the comments he does. Even if it’s about other people and their homes and not about me, I can still tell that he is talking at me – if that makes sense.

It’s not fair that I have struggled to change my habits and my thinking and my actions so that my family can benefit, and my husband still sees the negative.

There are a lot of things the situation may be, but the truth is that just doesn’t matter. It all comes back to me. I have to do what I know to do AND I can’t let people, or situations, or television shows suck my energy away. In the end, one excuse is just as good as the next.

So, I didn’t throw my shoe or throw my husband out. Instead, I got up and started back doing what I should have been doing in the first place. Working, writing, and making my dreams come true.

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