Speed Date to Your Novel

One of these days my novel will be completed or at least the completed novel will be completely edited. I imagine some days that the words will multiply on the paper like the dust bunnies under my bed. The delusion lasts seconds because the reality of a writing career is that you have to write.

Last night I posted over at Author Haven about my desire to give up. Just writing the words helped me find the determination to write more words. I did so that I could do. I also received a tweet about luck and remembered that luck is simply preparation that meets opportunity. Am I ready? NO. I have to do more so that I can do more. My preparation has to be developed so that I can step into opportunity.

This morning I get a tweet from Deidre Knight about a speeding dating competition over at her literary agency. I realized that the novel sitting in my drawer may be completed, but the words are not the ones that complete the story. The editing must be finished to polish the project. The competition from the Knight Agency served to stoke the fire of desire a little more.

Are YOU ready to be published?

Knight Agency president and founder Deidre Knight is on the hunt for a fresh, unique voice to add to her personal client roster. Are you the one she’s looking for? Find out by joining us here on The Knight Agency blog for “Speed Dating with Deidre.” Beginning Tuesday, November 30th, Deidre will whittle down the first 125 entries to one lucky winner.* The contest opens at 8:00am ET right here on the blog, so set your alarms!

I will be up and going long before the 8am ET (that translates to 7 am CST) kickoff, but long before then I will PREPARE for the opportunity. This weekend will be spent tweaking those first few pages of my manuscript before launching into completing the final draft of the novel. It will only get done if I take it out of the drawer and do it.

Share what are you doing to make your writing dreams a reality by commenting below.

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