Writing Challenge for November 28

Characters take a story to its ultimate end. Great characters result in great content – most of the time. The more I know about my character then the easier it will be to follow that character down the path of the story.

How well do you know your characters?

This week the challenge will be to make a time line for your character. Think about the major moments of the character. Picture the look, the attitude and even the air of the character. Use the information to unravel the person that was so that you can understand the person that is today.

Remember, the information may not be relevant to the story in the sense that the story does not revolve around the things of the past, but the time line will help you understand the motivations of the character and that will allow for a smoother flow of the plot.

Use these questions to help in the development of the character time line:

    What is the earliest memory of the character?
    What was subject did the character enjoy most in school?
    What activities or hobbies have brought the character the most enjoyment?
    What was the most traumatic moment in the life of the character?
    What did the character dream of being when grown?
    What games did the character play growing up?
    What traditions did the character enjoy most?

These are just a few of the questions that you can use to discover the past of your character. Write out on a time line and you may discover that major memories and moments from the past of your character have a lot to with the actions and attitudes that come to life in the story today.

Share some of your tools and tips for developing solid characters.

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