Lack of Will

Success is determined by the amount of will you have in your life.

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”

This morning I awoke to discover that the project I had intended to spend the next few weeks pouring over was on hold (and the dollar signs faded with that message). I got up on time specifically to work on this project, now what was I supposed to do?

Putting more Will into my Life

    1. I will choose to write even though the writing is not the “paid” project I had expected to work on.

    2. I will choose to fill in the time that I scheduled for this project with the writing I have committed to do for my own website, eBooks and novel.

    3. I will choose to see the blessings in my life even when the circumstances are not what I expected.

    4. I will choose to continue moving forward with my writing and my speaking.

    5. I will choose to live a life driven by faith and not one driven by fear.

    6. I will choose to stay on a schedule that provides me with the ability to do the things that I know to do instead of sitting around wondering why things are not getting done.

A life of success is determined by the amount of will in a life. What WILL you do today to create success in your home, your relationships or your career?

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