Finding My Way to Bold Faith

I know that I can do it – but when I take an honest look at my life then I recognize that despite what I know, I am NOT doing very much. I listened to Bethany share with me about her journey and her incredible trust in God and I was convicted about my not doing.

It will require an investment. This past weekend I visited with some of the ladies from the Rocket City Bloggers and I listened to those that are making changes – and changes that show. “I want that.” I thought, but it was soon followed with the reprimand “you only want that if your fairy godmother taps you with a wand and GIFTS it to you.”

It never works that way – EVER.

It comes through #wisdom, understanding, #obedience, and #ACTION – not a fairy godmother Click To Tweet

The Egyptians gave the Children of Israel all of the stuff before they left to go to the Promised Land – but the Children of Israel had to endure the some of the plagues, they had to be obedient to God, AND they had to move. If you looked at the end result – the free gift of stuff – you might think it involved a wand or a lamp.

Instead, it takes wisdom and understanding, obedience, and finally action.

Bethany Jean joined me on Growing HOPE Radio today to chat about her journey, building relationships, and stepping out in faith. I continued the theme of Bold Faith throughout the show because we can all use a little more of that in our lives.

You have to consciously #change your #outlook to purposefully change your direction Click To Tweet

It is amazing how many things I already know that I am working hard not to hear. It is almost as if I invest more energy in trying to block out the direction than I am in doing anything else.

I know that I can invest that energy into ignoring the directions, or I can make the better choice of pursuing what I know.

I can come up with ideas. I can come up with plans. I can come up with schedules. I can garner support and encouragement.

Until I step out . . . it will all be for nothing.

Be blessed,


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