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Uncovering the Mistakes of My Freelance Writing

Missing the Mark

I worked full-time freelance writing and made a good living doing it. I wrote for websites all around the globe that covered a HUGE range of topics. I looked for jobs that paid a wage I had determined worked for my experience and education. I had defined my success and pursued it with bold consistency.

I wrote daily. I built my client base. I made a way.

“I could be doing this for myself and making all the money instead of working for others.” I convinced my husband that my own writing and my own websites would be the right path. A combination of personal issues combined with my own desires and I parted ways with my clients. No bridges were burned, but I was on my own.

I started down a path to my personal success. I thought about writing. I planned for my writing. I talked about my desire for successful freelance writing. I read websites and articles about writing.

The days passed by. The weeks passed by. Things were not working out the way I had seen them happening. Something was missing.

I should have recognized it from the start, but we are often oblivious to our own mistakes. I had become blinded to where I was because I was focused on where I wanted to go. I knew what I needed to do but found reasons, excuses and distractions to do anything but what I knew to be doing.

I started to look for new freelance writing opportunities. I spent an hour each day searching websites and writing queries. The days passed by. The weeks passed by. Things were not working out the way I desired. Something was still missing.

“Mom, have you done your list?” My eight year old read my to-do list and had a question about what I had been doing.

It took my own son to make me recognize what I had been missing. When I worked for others, I made writing for them a priority. I did the work because I knew I had to do the work. It was high time I started taking my own words as serious.

What is getting in the way of your words?

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