A Peculiar Dilemma

There was a time when this website ranked #1 for “being peculiar” – on Google search. But I have fallen far behind for that particular keyword phrase. Although my page rank by Google has continued to improve over the last few months, my search engine ranking has plummeted.

The peculiar thing about this fall is that my number of unique visitors has actually risen. I still haven’t reached that magic number (or any of the magic numbers for that matter) but the increase has been steady. Even after the last couple of months – when my schedule was too crazy to post regularly – my numbers continued to climb.

Everything that the experts have said I need to do, I haven’t done. Instead, I spent what little time I had trying to post articles that really mattered to me AND that might offer some tips or pointers to all the readers or visitors that stop in at my site. I haven’t paid attention to the magic keywords or key phrases. I HAVE tried to focus on quality content.

Now that I’m working on building other sites, I have to wonder about which path I should take? It seems that the road to internet success is paved in one direction. But being the peculiar person that I am, I’m not prone to the normal way of doing things.

1. Write one a week or more if the muse starts to dance.

2. Forget the rants, unless there is a point or lesson that I have learned that comes from the rant.

3. Use my own struggles and triumphs to give ideas and inspiration to others.

4. Admit my faults and mistakes.

There is so much information already on the internet. Every subject or idea that I might come up with is probably already represented at least once. To stand out I have to do the same thing I do when it comes to getting published anywhere – write well, write good, and write regularly. It may seem peculiar, but persistence and quality will win out every time.

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