Counting the Cost for a Writing Career

Cost of to launch a writing career

Launching a writing career can get expensive. Any new business requires certain items or commitments, but it seems that with writing and the internet there is always a new product that is shinier and faster or better coming out. Add to that the conferences and classes that are happening every day of the week, month of the year and every location known to man and it becomes a massive financial drain.

Building a full-time writing career (one that provides YOU a living wage for your life) does not have to be so costly that it breaks you before you begin. Learning to make the most of what is already in place along with taking advantage of the different free and low cost options are two key components to overcoming the costs associated with a writing career.

Top Tips for Cutting Costs to Launch a Writing Career

Make use of the library. If you are just getting started with your writing career, you may not have access to a personal computer or laptop just yet. Skip that hefty investment for now and use the public resources that your tax dollars have provided. Most libraries have computers that you are allowed to use during the library hours. You may have to sign up to get a slot. You may be limited in how long you can be on the computers in one sitting. The limits may be annoying, but the computer usage is free and that will definitely help with your writing career budget.

Get free internet access. Internet can be another expense that pushes your writing budget into the red. Although writing from home is often the most convenient route, there are a number of public locations that offer free Wi-Fi for your convenience. Some office supply stores, many restaurants and even service locations (like the garage where you get your oil changed) are beginning to provide Wi-Fi access to their customers. Write at home and then take advantage of these different locations to upload your writings to your clients, your websites and other sites where you might be regularly posting.

Trade with others in the industry.
Some companies provide free products and software if you are willing to participate in reviews, surveys or other programs. Some websites may be willing to trade a slot in their online class for your volunteer efforts (like moderating the chat or introducing speakers). You have something unique to bring to the table. Offer to share your own skills or experience in exchange for what you need to advance your own writing career.

Join a group. Connecting with others in the industry (either online or in person) can provide you with valuable information and warnings that could never be found any other way. You may also find that these new groups are open to sharing with each other all of the information and resources that they gather. Some even provide speakers and teachers at no additional cost to you.

There are ways to build a writing career without breaking the bank. Start slow and build as you go so that your writing career adds to your budget instead of depleting it. Be creative. Think outside of the box. Take advantage of everything around you. You will find that it is easier than you imagined cutting back the costs of building a writing career.

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