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Know the Way to Writing Success – ABC’s for Growing a Writing Career

Make a plan for your writing success.

Make a plan to know where you are going if you want to reach your success. Success comes from more than talent – it takes a determination to push on. Determination can only drive the cart so far. In the end, you will never know when you have arrived at your destination if you have not determined your destination from the start. It all begins with a plan for your writing journey.

Tips for Building a Writing Plan

Know why you are doing what you are doing. Each person will have a different motivation that drives the words. Discovering that motivation can be the key to developing your personal plan for writing success. The why behind your writing is your personal mission statement. Anything that does not fit within your mission statement should be set aside to make room for something that will drive you closer to your success.

Do you have a mission statement that encompasses your goals for a writing career?

Know where you want to go on your writing journey. You have to define your success or someone else will define it for you. Create a vision for your journey that reveals where you want to be in a few months or a few years. Be sure to include the steps that you will take to begin moving towards the destination. Actions steps are some of the most important elements in a vision statement.

Do you have a vision statement that provides you with steps to help you reach your goals for a writing career?

Know how you will get to where you want to go. It takes fuel to make a vehicle run – whether its oats for the horse that draws the cart or gas for the engine of the car. A writing career is fueled by the people and support that you choose. It is important to have regular encouragement and support but also some accountability so that you can make it to your writing career destination.

Do you have a group of people you trust to hold you up and hold your feet to the fire so that you can push forward in your writing career?

Know the costs of building a writing career. There will be costs, but you will determine the how and why of the costs if you have a plan. Create a financial budget that lists what you will have to spend and what you want to spend (for advertisement and marketing tasks). Create a time budget that shows you where you will get the time you need to launch your writing career. Be sure that you set aside time and finances for classes, conferences and other events that can help you promote and expand your writing career.

Do you know what it will cost to launch your writing career?

Getting to your writing career requires that you know what you want from your writing career and where you want to end up with your writing. Make a writing plan that will help you project the path and reach your writing goals.

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