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How to Find My Better Way by Counting the Cost

It costs something. Everything I do and every choice I makes requires an investment. Every investment I make in one area requires a sacrifice in another area. If I am going to invest an hour working out then I will have to give up an hour in another area of my life.

I have already learned the hard way that you can only take so many of those investment hours from your sleep time before someone gets hurt.

In Luke 14; 15 – 34, Jesus is talking to His followers about the cost and about the importance of taking time to count the cost. I shared some thoughts on why counting the costs is important so that you know you are in a position to finish what you start.

Counting the cost allows me to measure where I am and compare it to where I am headed so that I can make the better choices for my journey.

I was offered a very exciting opportunity. It seemed perfect, and it was just what we needed to give up the monetary boost we had been seeking. I have had some bad experiences in the past, so I decided to invest a little time and effort into getting the finer details.

I counted the amount of time I would have to invest.
I counted the amount of focus that would be required.
I measured that against the projects I had going and the ones I wanted to get going.
I held it all up against my driving values and purposeful design.

Even though it seemed good on the surface, it was not the right fit. I made some suggestions and a few adjustments and we came at it from a different angle that worked for all.

The first part of the Luke Scripture tells about how things to be measured so that we know we can finish, but the second part goes on to say that we need to be certain we are in it to win it – so to speak.

“What king, going to make war against another king, does not first consider whether he is able with his 10,000 to come against the other with 20,000? And if not, while the other is far away he sends a delegation to work out the conditions of peace.” This is from Luke 14: 31 – 32.

The king looked at where he was and what he had and realized he didn’t have what it would take to see it through. Instead, he found another way.

Find the Better Way by Counting the Cost

  1. Is it my place? I am designed on purpose and for a purpose. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean it is in my purposeful design. I need to be prepared to step into my place and not just take the first path that comes along. Besides, if I jump into something that is not mine to fulfill then I may hinder someone else’s journey.
  2. Is it my heart? I can like something, but just having a like for it will be a challenge when the bumps and pitfalls begin to show up (and they will). I need to have a heart rooted desire to be a part of it if I am going to pursue it with persistent determination.

  3. Is it my time? I get excited and want to jump with both feet, but sometimes I am seeing the potential of what will be – not the green light to do it now. There will be a peace that comes with my place and my time. Until then, I need to be willing to learn and grow . . . and let it go.

I need to think on these things before I jump on the opportunity or the activity. I need to meditate on my honest responses for more than a blink of the eye. Only when I take the time and count the costs will I be in a position to make the better choices.

Be blessed,
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