Reacting to the Slamming Doors of Life

The door closed.

Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction. My attitude was changed. My choices were for action. And then the door just slammed shut in my face.

I stood there in shock. “What is this all about, God?” I knew that I was speaking my faith and then backing the words up with action. Closed doors were NOT supposed to come when I am doing what I am led to do.

It took a few minutes for me to relax a little and fall back on my trust. I know that when I am moving where God wants me to, that is the exact moment the enemy will move in to attack. The enemy does not stop at me – he will attack through my friends, my family and the organized religion. The enemy uses anything to distract me from continuing in that which God has led me to do.

I treated this morning just like I did yesterday morning – completely ignoring the fact that the door was still closed up tight. My trust reminded me that all I can do is all that I can do – God will be the one that makes the way.

When I least expected it, a new (and completed unrelated door) slammed wide open. It has me now wondering if the first door was not just a distraction for the enemy to keep him from trying to hinder this door. Either way, God is pouring out His blessing – and I am choosing to walk in the way that will keep me in His hands with each and every step.

What do you do when you have the door slammed in your face?

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