Becoming a Writing Success

Becoming an overnight writing success only takes a little time, effort, experience and patience. Anyone that works these tools will discover that success comes their way. The problem that most of us face is that we give up before the harvest occurs.

Keys to Writing Success

    1. Make the time – no matter what I set out to accomplish, I have to make time to reach that goal. I have to write full-time if I want to become a full-time writer. That may mean squeezing in bits and pieces of writing to make up the full-time until I can leave a “traditional” job, but I have to continue to put in the hours to make success a reality.

    2. Put in the effort – do one more thing that will drive you on to where you want to be. Nothing happens unless action gets into the mix. My day must be dedicated to getting things done that further my journey. Sitting and watching the NCIS marathon will not make my freelance writing career successful.

    3. Get the experience – the more that I know then the more I will know. I learn from doing – by attending classes, taking on new writing jobs, or attending conferences. I have to dig in to the industry and uncover those tips and connections that will help me in my own, unique walk.

    4. Practice patience – the reason a watched pot never boils is because when I focus too hard, time stands still. I have to be so active in my doing that I do not notice the time moving past. That is the moment that I will become an “overnight” success.

I sat my writing aside for almost twenty years before I began to actively pursue my writing career. I have spent the last few years occasionally tending to the garden, but not giving it my full attention. The only way I will find my path to a successful writing career is when I choose to put in the time, make the effort, continue growing in wisdom, knowledge and understanding and wait patiently for the results to grow.

What are you willing to do today to make your writing career a reality?

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