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Getting into a Blogging Groove


Making the habit of blogging regularly is one of the easiest ways to build your readership and open up opportunities to monetize your blog. The trouble for most bloggers is developing a consistent pattern for the posts. There are a number of different schedules, tips and ideas that can help you maintain a blogging schedule and can even help get your muse going.

Tips for Blogging Regularly

    1. Make a schedule – set a particular category that you can write about each day of the week. Knowing what you are going to write about can make it easier to blog and also help you to come up with blogging ideas. Start by making a list of topics that you want to discuss and that fit with the overall plan of your blog. Expand those as needed or just rotate the ones that you have. Your visitors will also like that each Monday they can expect an article about “how to” or what ever you choose to make Monday’s topics.

    2. Share the information – offer to guest post on other websites. There is no reason that your one article can not become more. Expand on the piece that you write for Monday and see about having a guest column at other sites. Create an article that is stand alone and that offers valuable tips to the readers but save some of the meat for your article alone. Be sure that you ask for a link that says something along the lines of “for more information on this subject.”

    3. Post a head of time – bloggers using WordPress can choose to post articles well in advance. For articles that are not timely you can have several days, several weeks or even several months scheduled to post in advance. You can always change your posts if something timelier does strike your fancy you can no one will be the wiser. The best part about posting ahead is that you can take time off to focus on other things (as long as you build your reserve back up when you return).

    4. Use the regularly scheduled moments in your life to create blogging posts. It is easy to take the notes from Sunday’s sermon and transform them into a post or even a series of posts. Use the ideas and lessons you are learning from a bible study or a class to create blog posts. Any meeting or gathering can offer great material for a blogging category.

    5. Create a pillar article that can be the bases of other articles. Something similar to this article (only a bit longer) where there are several points for the views to learn from. Take each point and expand it into its own article (like “How to Create Great Pillar Articles”). Be sure to link back to the initial pillar article when you post the expanded articles on your blog.

Blogging is a habit that has to be molded and manipulated just like anything else. There are days when you will not feel like writing a single word. It is times when you are struggling that having a plan in place and a schedule can help you be consistent with your blog.

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  • Excellent advice! I especially like #1. On my blog, I currently have Wednesday and Thursday set aside for special segments while the rest of my blog is free form. And let me tell you, Wednesday and Thursday are my easiest days to plan for by far.

    These are good suggestions all and I’m going to use them to keep up my blogging momentum when it wavers.

    • Hey Jennifer – I did find writing this week was easier since I started following the plan – but I still have a way of letting life, projects, or excuses get in the way of my consistency. Sigh!

  • Thanks for another helpful article, Kathryn. 🙂

    The scheduling feature on Blogger is a life saver! I write posts for the entire week, which takes an enormous amount of pressure off my shoulders. It also keeps my blogging consistent.


    • I think I use consistent more than any other word in the known English language. It is something that I have struggled with but that I know holds the key to success in so many different avenues. *sigh*