Let Your Light Shine to Dispel the Darkness of the World

Let the Light shine. Light heals. Light energizes. Light makes the way visible. No matter what you are up against or what storms come your way, make a way to let the Light shine.

It’s hard.

Nothing went the way I expected. To make matters worse, they managed to be worse than I could have ever expected.

We’ve all been there, and if you hadn’t been there before 2020, then 2020 is your moment.

It doesn’t have to be catastrophic to be hard. It merely has to challenge you to do what you know to do, despite what you can see.

When things get too dark for me to see and too heavy for me to move, I cover myself with praise by hiding in my office, headphones on, and praise music going.

It got too hard when my office was gone.

I tried to find a new way to make my way.

I bought headphones but had to keep one side off so I could hear if someone needed me – which defeated the purpose of having the headphones.

I created a portable (almost) office with essential files, but being in the middle of everything made it too easy to choose the distractions.

I set up an office space in the new, long-term, temporary, but the summer heat drove me out of it. It turns out electronics and humid summer weather are not a good mix.

I tried my best to settle into my new normal. I tried and tried, and then I realized that no matter how hard I tried, the answer would never be I.

Yes, I have to do what I can do, but then I have to reach out, take His hand, and trust.

It’s not easy to find that place of trust when you aren’t even sure what day it is. It’s hard to know which way to go when you can’t see the step in front of you. In these darkest and most trying times, we need more than ever to shine the light. In these darkest moments, we have to turn up the determination to trust.

Come as you are – this moment. Come in the dark, in the heaviest moments, in the tired. That’s when His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. You shine the Light when you choose Him over the circumstances demanding your attention.

It makes no sense. Not when you hold it up to the world’s demands or the rules they have set in place. You have to hold it all up to a position higher than what the world can see, or really, higher than where the world can block your light.

Because the world will do all it can to block the light.

Once you lift it up, the light breaks through, and hope sets roots. When hope grows, it all becomes possible again.

light shines so hope grows

Let the Light Shine

  • Find one thing. One speck of Light dispels the darkness. Look around your life, or look through the moment, and find one blessing to hold up.
  • Determine this moment by this moment. No matter what yesterday presented, now is a new moment. No matter what tomorrow may hold, now is the moment you have.
  • Smile. A simple smile will let the light shine on your heart and on the other hearts it encounters.
  • Sing a song, or listen to a song. Choose one that makes you happy or demands you dance along.
  • Share your Light. Pass on the hope and encouragement you received from your blessing, your focus, your smile, or your song. The glorious thing about sharing the Light is that it brings more Light into your life.

In April, we had to hike out of the woods after the tornado crushed the house. Our spotlight flashlight gave out halfway to safety. We had one small camping lantern to light our way. Despite its small size, that one light pushed the darkness aside.

Having the small lantern didn’t make the trek out of the destruction easier, but it did make it lighter. We could see, and in seeing, we found hope.

How will you let your light shine today?

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