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Something Changes When You Take the Steps for Change

Nothing changes until something changes, right? And yet, nothing changes, and I still sit here expecting something to change. The same ole same ole won’t cut it if I don’t want the same ole same ole anymore.

Early in October, I spoke to the Houston Writers Guild. My only surviving work device had been giving me problems, and the insurance gave me the go-ahead to replace my destroyed devices, so I took the plunge and invested in new equipment.

something changes

At the same time, I moved my office space (in 1300 sq ft, all you get is a space) to the upstairs hall. It’s a dedicated space. It pushes me to do dedicated stuff when I’m in that space. When you are smack in the middle of the living room with all the family activities going on around you, it’s hard to be anywhere but distracted.

Up until that moment, I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to do. I wrote out some pretty amazing goals. I even took a few steps in the direction I had determined. But I used the lack of – lack of space, lack of defined purpose, lack of settled – to allow the excuses not to do it.

Speaking with the Houston Writers Guild motivated me to make the changes so that something changes.

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Now that I have a new space and a new way, I’m determined to make purposeful and measurable changes to get me to where I want to be. When you measure your actions, and you see the results moving you towards your goals, then those are the actions you need to keep taking.

Path to Something Changes Moments

  • First – know where you want to go. All the actions in the world won’t get you there if you don’t know where there is. Even if you get there, you won’t know it because you didn’t define it.
  • Second – determine what it will take to get there. The big steps and the little bits that make up the big steps all need to be plotted out. The more specific your steps, the better.
  • Third – define when you want to get there. Set a timeline for the journey. Knowing the time you have will help you better determine how to invest the time you have.
  • Fourth – be honest. Look at where you want to go, what it will take to get there, and when you expect to arrive. Be honest about what you are willing to give up or change to make it a reality.
  • Fifth – make the choice. It will always be your choice to move or to stay. Only you can empower the choice to get there. Only you can give in to the choice to remain in the unchanged. Each and every day, you have to make the choice.
  • Sixth – keep a record. Write down or record in some way what you are doing. Be consistent in documenting your journey so you will be able to evaluate the success of your specific steps.
  • Finally – measure the journey. Every week, look at what you did and where it landed you. The more information you have to measure by, the better your evaluation. Once you measure, determine if you continue in the same direction or if you need to make adjustments (in action choices, in goal directions, or in timelines).

There will always be a lack of. There will always be another excuse waiting to step in. There will always be a reason not to.

And there will always be a reason to step, a way to go, and a choice to change.

Quote of the Day - Start Today

Make today the first day into your possibility living. Don’t wait for the new week. Don’t wait for the new month. Don’t wait for the new year. Don’t even wait for the new day. Start right now.

Dare to make the choices for change so that something changes in your life.

What one thing will you do today to lead you into your something changes direction?

Make the Moves that Lead to Something Changes

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