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How to Avoid the Chaos and Block Out the Noise

You have to choose to avoid the chaos. And when you can’t avoid it, ignore it. The chaos fills the space with noise and distractions, all of which are designed to keep you off balance and out of alignment with your unique design.

It’s not complicated. It is a choice

The noise blocks out the still, small whisper of Promise. The constant distractions draw you away from the better Focus. You can choose to get tangled in the noise and distractions, or you can find your way to the Light.

The other day, I spotted a black Mercedes Van, complete with a bubble on top, sitting across the street. It wasn’t the first time the van showed up. A few days after we moved into our temporary housing after the tornado, the van was there.

I took to calling it the “CIA Van.”

This time around, I posted about it on social media. Before long, I received suggestions on how I should deal with the van. One friend replied she had noticed it, too.

Like many things in life, I made a mountain out of a molehill. Granted, this particular mountain had been launched with a snarky rainbow attached. Still, it was there – standing proud and tall.

Some Truth About Chaos

  • It rarely is what it first appears. There is always more to the story – ALWAYS. In my case, we live in a community that includes vacation rentals, and many of the renters are repeat customers. It’s also well known that the renters will park across the street when there isn’t room in the small parking areas for their cars. What seems unusual isn’t. We see cars parked for days at a time all the time. It’s just fun to stir the writer’s imagination in me with the label of “CIA Van.”
  • The molehills want to be mountains. They will do whatever they can to make themselves look more prominent or fill bigger, even if that means making the most of nothingness. Yes, a molehill will fill itself with hot air if it thinks it will convince you that it is, indeed, a mountain.
  • The squeakiest wheel isn’t always the biggest problem. The more noise someone makes about an issue, the more likely they are deflecting from a different matter. “Hey, look over here at this molehill, so you don’t notice this giant mountain I’m trying to block.”

My children taught me that chaos could be used to distract. They would scream about the pain a brother had inflicted because they didn’t want me to notice the trouble they had started.

Not much has changed with the boys, but I took the lesson into life. When someone says, “See what he did?” I usually start wondering what started the situation. More often than not, the truth about chaos will be found when you take the time to see the whole picture instead of one stroke.

The best way to keep chaos from disrupting your journey is to avoid the chaos from the onset.

How to Avoid the Chaos

  • Turn off the noise. When the chaos rears its ugly head, turn it off. Turn off the radio. Turn off the television. Block the popups on your computer. Put the newspaper down. If you don’t engage the chaos, then it can’t push you off the rails.
  • Know your mind. Determine for yourself the information. Dare to dig down deeper. The internet may be a harbinger of chaos, but it is also a wealth of information. Look beyond the surface and beyond the waving hands trying to get your attention. Focus on the root – the root leads to the truth.
  • Stick to the positive – especially when it comes to people. Make more time for the people who invest in possibility living, thinking, and talking. The more positives you find, the less chaos will have room to grow.

You will find what you seek. Even if you aren’t intentionally seeking out chaos, when you seek out problems, negatives, or noise, chaos will not be far behind. To avoid the cacophony of chaos, invest in positives, turn off the noise, and know what you know.

Nothing changes until something changes. The only thing you can change in all this world is you. When you change your perspective and adjust your focus, not only do you change you, but you change your world – because you choose to see it in your way instead of the way it demands.

Create the journey of your choosing by making the change for the better. Avoid the chaos, and when you can’t avoid it, then overwhelm it with positives.

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