Getting It Together

The list for today is filled out and I think I may actually be able to complete all of the items I have on there. It is a far cry from the 18 hours of writing I had listed yesterday – but it is still a full day of work. Balancing this schedule and the Olympics will be a triumph indeed.

It helps that my children are up and attacking the chore list like true warriors. The oldest even ran laps first thing this morning. It would be even more helpful if day was participating in the process – but that is a rant for another day.

I would like to think that it was my own inspiration that has catapulted my children to action. That line of thinking would be a bit delusional. It was only yesterday that I was complaining to a friend about how little I felt I had gotten done.

In the end it comes down to the fact that we all have good days and bad days and it just so happens that we are all having a good day together.

Tips to Create more Good Days:

1. Start early – it just seems like you get more done in the day if you get started at the crack of dawn.

2. Set a schedule – have a list of items that you need to tackle and the amount of estimated time it will take for each item.

3. Offer incentives – in our house no one gets allowance if the to-do lists are left undone, but doing extra work with out complaint or whining may result in bonus pay on allowance day.

4. Work as a team – set aside a few minutes each day where everyone works together to get the jobs done.

5. Let them be – it is likely that the job won’t be as “complete” or perfect if you let someone else do it, but they will never learn how to be responsible if you don’t let them do it their own way.

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