Choose the Key

Choose to use the key.

The door stands before you locked and unyielding. You have kicked it with nothing to show for it but a sore foot. The yelling made you hoarse. Nothing works to make that door open up and get out of your way.

I have the key.

The key could be taken and the lock could be turned. The door would open and room would be created to just step right through. No more hindrances would be blocking the way.

It would be so simple.

Most people choose to kick and scream until exhaustion fills every bone. They hit the door with tools, weapons or anything else they can get their hands on. The door could stand open if the key would be used, but it is better to use something known than something unknown – even if it does not work.

I stood at the door myself, and finally took the key. It opened with ease and I stepped through.

Later, I listened to the rules of the world and directives of man. They led me back through door and locked it once again. I still knew about the key, but kicked and screamed hoping it would make a difference.

The answer sits there waiting. The difference between frustration and an open door lies in that one key. All I have to do is make the choice to use it.

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