What You Say Matters – Wield Words Wisely

What you say matters. The words you speak will have an effect, either for possibilities or for problems. The things you say will touch others and will also seed your own hears.

What are you saying?

Speak words that create hope and possibility or don’t say anything at all.

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what you say matters

My husband shared something that popped up in his social media feed. I couldn’t believe that what he had read to me came from a person I had always considered positive and hopeful.

What You Say Matters

It wasn’t that what was shared was all that bad. It wasn’t even that it was true or false. It was that it was unnecessary words that could cause hurt in a world that was already hurting way too much.

It angered me.
It frustrated me.
It demanded a response.

What you say matters, and what was being said was hurtful for no reason other than to hurt.

what you say matters

I opened my own social media feed and almost instantly found myself yelling at the computer (although, at least I didn’t share any of it in post responses). I needed to refocus – nay, I had to refocus. Never go to sleep angry at something you have no control over. All it does is ruin your sleep.

Sweet sleep comes to someone who has found peace and joy – not in what she can do but in whose she is.

A search through past posts on my website revealed this wasn’t the first time I had found myself yelling at my social media feed because of the words shared during an election cycle. It was a reminder of how things of this world will always frustrate me.

Keep a better focus and seek out reminders of peace.

I know that this world is crazy, but the truth is the world has ALWAYS been crazy. It is time for me to stop falling into the trap of delusions crafted so well that the world believes its own delusions. Click To Tweet

“If I make the choice to get my heart in the right place – truly and completely focused on God – THEN I affect and infect my world – not with a vote but with the living of my life.”

I read the words through and then I read them through again. They were shared during a previous crazy election time but they still were true in this moment – proving that the world has always been crazy and THEY are always causing chaos.

Peace began to calm me.

The last several days I have been engrossed in a book series by Karen Hancock that focuses on this idea – inner peace despite outer turmoil and chaos. This peace and hope come from a firm belief in Who holds me in the palm of His hand and not from what I believe I can do with my hands.

I wish people wouldn’t talk, and yet I know THEY always will. It is all THEY know. As for me, I will continue to believe, to hope, to pray, and through these to sleep sweet.

what yous say matters
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