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Random Acts of Kindness

I filled the sugar dispenser. I was tempted to set it back in its place with those four tiny grains left at the bottom because technically it was not really empty. That is what I think my husband does. As long as there is some sugar in the dispenser then it is not empty and does not need to be filled.

But I filled the sugar dispenser.

It makes me wonder what other things I walk past thinking that someone else will get the job done. When was the last time I emptied the garbage or changed the cat box instead of making comments to the cats or the puppies so that other ears can overhear? “Man, kitties, your cat box stinks!” “I would put the garbage outside but you puppies would probably get into it.”

It is easier to walk away and think that someone else will pick up the slack but that is part of what is wrong in our families, our churches and our societies. It is not someone else’s responsibility – it is mine.

So, I filled the sugar dispenser.

What are you walking past because it’s “not your job,” “not your concern,” or “not your responsibility?” Pick up that trash at the ball game even if you are not the one that left that trash. Greet newcomers at church even if that is not your job and you are not sure if they are newcomers – just step out and say hello and let them know you are glad to see them. And please fill the sugar dispenser.

A little sugar could take us a long ways!

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