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How to Find Your Place in Purpose

Your place in purpose is unique to you and for you. It was planted in your heart at the beginning of time. When you uncover that heartseed then you unlock the ability to create your best life.

Dare to Live Your Unique Design

The reason for writing Place in Purpose was simple. I wanted to dare others to live their unique design – to unlock their heartseed and then nurture it and grow it into all of their possibilities.

You are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. When you grasp that one idea, you empower possibility living.

Inspiration can come from anywhere if we are willing to look for it and then utilize what we see. My inspiration has come from social media posts, personal stories, and from stories that others have told me (with names always changed to protect the guilty).

There have been few times in my life when I was not invested in encouraging others to pursue their goals and dreams. I never stood on the sidelines as a cheerleader, but I always could be found shouting from the bleachers because I wanted you to know that you could do it and that I believed you could do it.

Quote of the Day - Think You Can

I still know that you can do it. No matter what your dreams or your desires or your goals. You can. I have seen it time and time again – but I have also watched as lives withered away without ever grasping for that dream.

Several years ago, I was blessed to share a study time with some friends. The couples got together to talk Scripture, and I created a simple study to help us all stay on the page (literally).

That study expanded as I began working with our church family as I worked in a position that helped others discover the ministry path that suited them.

In March of 2012, my mother passed away. She and I had been friends for most of my life – chatting around the table with a cup of coffee or on the phone. I had watched her take a step into the forefront of local politics as the first female elected to the City Council. It was only as I started going through her items that I began to see that my mom had hidden her heart even from me.

There were stacks of stories and poems hidden away in boxes. I uncovered framed artwork and other items. Each one I uncovered flooded my heart with memories of crafts, creative endeavors, and other artistic turns that my mom once did.

She left this world with her heart hidden in a box.

I knew then that I had to do more to help others break out of the box and live the life they were designed to live.

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Why Place in Purpose

  • You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. This purpose is unique to you, and only you can uncover it and live it. But you do have a purpose – no matter where you are in your journey.
  • You have a dream. The world may have covered it up. Circumstances may have smothered it. You may even have forgotten it. At some point in your life, you dared to dream.
  • You were made to thrive. Live may have convinced you that you are doing good, just getting by, or just surviving, but you were made for so much more. You are extraordinary, and you are called to live in that extraordinary.
  • You can. No matter what it is or where it is, you have it in you to get there.
Place in Purpose by Kathryn Lang

It is time – right now. Stop putting it in the closet. Stop tucking it away in a box. Define your dream. Pursue your dream. Live the life you were uniquely designed to live.

For me, Place in Purpose is more than words. It provides a platform that will allow you to step up into your purpose and then fly into your extraordinary life.

Are you ready to unlock and live out your Place in Purpose?

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Unlock Your Place in Purpose

You are unique. You have a designed purpose. Now it’s time to uncover the seed planted in you at the beginning of time and begin living it out with boldness.

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