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Taking Control of Your Path in the New Year

Taking control of the journey will have to be a personal choice. There will always be a reason not to do something. It may be a good reason. It may be a convenient reason. It may just be your go-to reason to get out of something. But there will always be a reason. How you choose will be what makes the difference.

“You control your path.” The words stung more that day than they would have at any other time because I knew the path I was on was not where I wanted to be. I also know that I did not want to be accountable for where I was or where I was going. I wanted to blame someone or something else.

“You control your path.” The words followed me the rest of the day. They continued taunting me at every turn and reminding me that I was where I was because of the choices I had made. “But . . .” I tried to defend myself, but the reason seemed silly up against the challenge of the declaration.

“You control your path.” I let the challenge ignite my determination to do one thing. It wasn’t much, not when compared to all that I knew needed to be done. It was one thing and that was one more than I had done.

How I act, what I do, and the focus I choose will determine the path I move along. I control my path.Taking control happens when I make intentional choices.

You control your path. You need to choose right now if you want to step into your possibilities, if you want to move back into your past, or if you simply want to stay where you are – comfortable even in a place of uncomfortable because it’s familiar at least.

Nothing changes until you decide to change. Nothing happens until you make the choice to move into that change. You control your path.

Too Little Too Late

The internet has been abuzz with thoughts, ideas, and images about the holidays, decorations, and the New Year. They are a constant reminder that the year is barreling to an end. Each one challenges me to look at my own path. My White Board of World Domination stares from the wall next to my desk asking me – some days demanding to know – why I am not closer to where I want to be.

How will I bring all of my year goals to life in the few days left?

A friend shared on her social media that she was giving in to the year-end. I dared her to blow up the year-end by doing more and doing better. That challenge was as much to me as it was to her – maybe even more.

My goals were big – like scary big. I put off and procrastinated. I made the most of every “reason” and excuse that came along. My BIG DREAM goals look more like fairy tales than possibilities. Instead of taking control, I seemed to be taking breaks.

Or they would if it weren’t for that nagging reminder. “You control your path.” There are only a few days left, but I can make the most of each one of those days. Making the most of each one builds up the possibilities for the next. That leads to a world of possibilities by the time the New Year rolls around.

Where are you right now? More importantly, where do you want to be?

New Year focus and purpose with Kathryn Lang

Taking Control by Determining a New Path

    1. Start with a word. I was challenged several years ago to pick one word for the focus of my year. My mastermind group challenges me each time we are together to pick a word that will be a focus for the days ahead. I look at this one word as my anchor word. It is the focus that I use to build up my possibilities in the days ahead.
      • 2013 FOCUS
      • 2014 CONSISTENT
      • 2015 DILIGENT
      • 2016 FERVENT
      • 2017 PROPITIOUS

      This year, I am all about the purpose – not that I’m not always about the purpose. I want my actions to be on purpose, for purpose, and in purpose. PURPOSE is my anchor word for 2018.

      What will be your anchor for the New Year?

    1. Determine your why – or if you already know your why of it all then write it out in easy to read statements. Think of this as your personal mission statement or vision statement – a daily reminder of where you are headed.

      What is the why of your doing and being?

    1. Break up your path into mini-focuses. It was a few years back in a Sunday school class that the teacher mentioned four areas of important – the spirit, the mind, the body, and the fellowship. I took that idea and ran with it. Over the years, I have honed these points to work with my life, my goals, and my own (unique) way of doing things.
      • Work
      • Write
      • Home
      • Health
      • Network

      What areas will have your focus as you move to control your path?

    2. Create a plan for each of the mini-focuses. How will I reach the targets in each of my mini-focuses? I have found that for me it works best if I break up my routine. I do the same thing every day, or at least I try to do the same thing every day, but only in the sense that I do the same system.You need to find a system that works for you. I have been using a tract system – where every “tract” hour is broken into 30/10/5/10/5 segments. The 30-minute segment is always writing. The 10 minutes are given to work and to chores. The 5 minutes are for prep for the next segment (or tract). My goal is to complete three full tracts each day.

      This system allows me to stay focused on what I’m doing because all other distractions are set off to the side for another time.

      The reason this works for me is that I can switch up what I write on or what chores I do or what work I complete. It gives me flexibility in the doing while keeping me focused on getting things done.

      What system works best for you in keeping you motivated for getting things done?

    1. Get accountable – to yourself, to others, or both. The Focus Folder helps me keep track of my tracts and also gives me a visual reminder of when I’m doing and when I’m not doing (so I can make fast adjustments to get me back to doing). Meeting with others provides an incentive to do something before we meet.

      What keeps you accountable to what your doing?

      You need accountability to ensure you are taking control of your unique journey.

      It may be that you need an additional incentive. Coaches, counselors, or mastermind groups provide that extra boost you need, but you will still have to do the work to make the results happen.

You Control Your Path

The only person that can get you to where you want to be looks back at you from the mirror every day.

create success with Kathryn Lang

The only person that can get in the way of your success stares back at you from the mirror every day.

Who will you choose to see?

The end of the year is just around the corner, but so are your world of possibilities. The efforts you put into each will determine what grows up in the next one. Dare to make more of these next few days and you will be amazed at what you find blooming in your path.

Be blessed,
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  • Katherine, thank you! I needed this kick in the pants to help me focus more on the two books I have in the works and the home business I’m wanting to start next year. I don’t want a life stuck in a rut.