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How to Find the Balance to Pursue Your Extraordinary

You have to find the right balance, in the right way, at the time, that allows you to get your stuff right. Your way will be unique to you.

“There is no such thing as ‘successful multitasking.” The guru, or expert, I was listening to said the only way to get something done was to stay focused on one thing at a time.

“If you touch it once then take care of it in that moment.” The leader, or guru, I was reading said that you should only open an email once, or touch your physical mail once, or basically deal with anything right there in that moment.

“You have to . . . “

I have heard so many “have tos” and “must dos” over the years that I’m surprised I’m still surprised that folks demand I do things their way.

I have to find my own way – and my way will not look like your way (and it may not even look like my way did yesterday).

THEY Don’t Know it ALL

find your way

You Need Your Balance

The other day, balance was demanding my attention. I had swiveled from focus to focus – usually lingering in one just long enough to realize I had neglected another. All were equally important tasks. All needed focus.

The other morning, balance required attention. I ran down one tunnel with determination only to discover the other tunnels were neglected to the point of collapse. Every tunnel needs at least the basic maintenance.

The other evening, balance screamed . . . and I finally heard.

I stopped listening to all of the demands of others and I started paying attention more to my own balance.

What Works for You?

  • I like timers – in part because I like the challenge of getting something done before the timer goes off. I like them so much that I have purchased more than a few that can be attached (in different ways) to the space where I’m working. I want to get a few more – so that I don’t have to move them from room to room. Timers work for me.

    How does timing you efforts leave you feeling?

  • I appreciate (and often enjoy change) – in part because I like to live with something for a little while before I know if it works. I used to change up entire rooms of furniture layout until I finally found the one that worked for our family and for the spaces. I use that appreciation for change to switch up what I’m doing. Right now, my pattern is 30/10/5/10/5 – I set the one timer for 30 minutes and I write or work until it goes. I set the next one for 10 minutes and I post articles or replies. I set a third for 5 minutes and I brainstorm until it buzzes. I then reset the 10-minute timer and I tackle a daily household chore – hoping to finish before time runs out. The last five minutes is my break time before I start all over.

    How do you feel about change? Or are you someone that has to finish a task before moving on to something different?

  • I am a master of flextime – in part because I live in a house of men and I NEVER KNOW what’s going to come up that I wasn’t expecting. I recently commented that I needed to schedule time in my day for the unexpected. There is always something unexpected that happens.

    How do you deal with the unexpected that life throws at you?

  • I am happy letting something sit while I do something else – although there are times I will also do something in that moment because it is right in front of me. For me, it’s about time. If it will take away time from my targeted task then I let it go. If I can do it while I still focus on my targeted task then I go ahead and get it done – which for me epitomizes multi-tasking.

    Do you deal with the things in the moment or schedule them for later?

Finding My Right Way

When it comes to writing (and my husband will tell you when it comes to life) I am a pantser – I just fly by the seat of my pants and pray for the best . . . sort of. I toss in my own, unique brand of organization to just keep things interesting.

I am a plotter – which means I am always coming up with new ideas or new potential directions to move. My husband loves it when I announce, “I’ve been thinking.”

I’m a procrastinator putterer – I don’t rush at it full throttle at all times. I can meander along and enjoy the view. I can find the reason to wait (if a reason can be found). I take my own, sweet time in getting it done – but I get it done on time.

Finding Balance with Kathryn Lang

My way does not mesh with the experts, gurus, and too often my own husband – because I am not those people.

I had to find my unique way and so do you. The best part of this journey is that when you find the way that works for you then you will get done what needs to be done to grow up into your BIG DREAM goals.

Be blessed,
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