Follow the Map to Find the Right Way

I needed to take a trip to a cabin in the woods. I had never traveled to that area and it was long before GPS voices guided you to your locations. I had a map that had been drawn out and written out by the owner of the cabin.

I looked over the map a little before I started my trip. I got into my car to start my trip and immediately set the map in my backseat. I never used the map. I just drove around from memory and hoped for the best.

I had to stop a lot to ask directions. Sometimes the directions got me closer to my destination. Sometimes the ones giving the directions knew even less than I did despite their tone of authority. I would end up more lost than before I had stopped.

It made no sense. I drove around wasting time and resources when I had a map – created by the owner for me specifically – just sitting there within my reach. Nobody in their right mind would ever do something so silly.

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It turns out that I am not always in my right mind.

Many years ago, I taught ballroom dance while attending college full-time. Every day, I attended early morning classes and then spent the rest of the day dancing in heels (up to ten hours a day). At night, I did stretching exercises. I was in the best shape of my life.

Now, I home school three boys, work from home, and try to make sure they are fed (and anyone who has boys knows that keeping them fed is almost a never-ending project). I look back at that time of my life and wish I had that same body but know that I have no time to invest as I did back then.

It turns out that I do not always have the time that I want.

Several years ago, I released more weight in twelve weeks than I had ever released in my life of dieting and exercise. I also gave up diet drinks and diet foods. I changed over to real butter and sweet tea. My exercise routine was no more than it had been before the twelve weeks started.

People around me watched the weight slipping off. They still wanted to add their own ideas and suggestions to the mix. Eventually, I began listening to the people and not to the proven experience. Eventually, all the weight returned (and brought a few friends with it).

It turns out that people may not have the directions I need.

In all of these moments, one thing remains the same. I have the map – created for me specifically for my unique journey – sitting in the backseat.

In college, I spent every morning reading scripture. I spent my Sundays in church. I invested in a weekly Bible study with others. My heart and mind were more focused on God and His work in my life than I had been ever before.

When I released all of that weight, I have found the time for an early morning Bible study, two mid-day studies, and one evening study. I attended church on Sunday, Sunday night, and on Wednesdays. I attended a women’s study group and an additional Bible study each week. My heart and my mind were more focused on God and His work in my life than it had been at any other time.

Right now, I find myself driving around in circles. I know that there is a plan for my life, but I ask the experts or try the new fads to discover that plan. I will reach my destination without a wilderness wandering if I choose to follow the directions on the map.

The key is a personal relationship with God no matter what locks may need opening. Click To Tweet

The key is simple. Read the directions. God took the time to write down His directions for my life. He insured that I would understand them by sending the Holy Spirit to guide me into the Truth. I make use of the key when I invest in the Word until I can walk out that Word in my life.

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