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How to Discover Your Meaning of Life

How to Discover Your Meaning of Life

The meaning of life can be found in one idea – that you are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose. The trick is that you have to uncover your purpose and then you have to make the choice to live it out.

One of my favorite cartoons was the Animaniacs – mainly because of their amazing play on words but also partly because they sang some catchy (and informative) tunes. The Veggie Tales did something very similar which is probably why I live in a house full of wordplay.

One of the episodes of the Animaniacs had the three siblings trying to climb to the top of the mountain to learn the true meaning of life. Other shows have also tackled the topic. One movie had an old miner hold up one finger to let the hero know what was the real meaning of life.

All the scenarios left the searcher still searching because they had come for a specific answer. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to be? Why am I here – right now, in this place?

The answer can never come from outside because it was seeded in the heart. Discovering your meaning of life will only happen when you are in a place of open, honest, and raw review of your own heart – because it is in the heart that your meaning grows.

Discovering Your Meaning of Life

  • Start by stopping. Stop listening to what others say has to be. Stop listening to what society says must be done. Stop listening to the noise and chaos that has continually left you frustrated and confused. It is only when you stop listening to what is outside that you will make room to hear what is inside.
  • Start digging. The seed that was planted in you – the one that is designed to grow up into your purpose – it has been covered with stuff: the stuff of education, the stuff of expectations (yours and others), the stuff of experience, and so much more. You have to dig down past all of that to get back to the heart of the matter.
  • Start daring to believe. There was a time in your life when you freely dreamed. You dreamed of being a rock star, or a professional athlete, or a famous writer . . . or maybe you dreamed of being a mother of your own little tribe. You dreamed and if you want to live out all your design and unlock your meaning of life then you have to begin to dream again.

The only way you will ever understand your meaning of life is to discover it within yourself. You have to choose to start and then you have to keep going until you find it.

Questions to Help Find the Meaning of Life

  • What did you dream of when you were younger? Do you remember why you wanted this dream?
  • What makes you enthusiastic and is an action or activity that benefits others that you can seem to stop talking about or sharing?
  • What do others say they see in you or mention that they notice seems to light up your countenance?
  • What could you do for the rest of your life – without pay and without regrets?

As you begin to ponder the heart of your journey, you will find that the meaning of your life has been right there with you along.

Be blessed,
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Unlock Your Place in Purpose

You are unique. You have a designed purpose. Now it’s time to uncover the seed planted in you at the beginning of time and begin living it out with boldness.

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