Kick Crazy to the Curb

Crazy is like dust during a drought – if will find its way into every space and opening if you don’t prepare, plan, and protect yourself.

I fell back into crazy. I didn’t slip back a little at a time. Instead, I seemed to jump full force on that hamster wheel and then I began running like . . . well, like crazy. All the action took me nowhere and left me so exhausted I didn’t even want to think much less to take more action.

Stop. Just stop already.

The spinning wheel keeps spinning until I make a determined effort to make it stop. I may just make the purposeful choice to get off the wheel. It can go on spinning without me but I will no longer be dazed and confused because of all the spinning nonsense.

I make the choice. I woke up the next morning and determined to review where I was going. Taking an honest look at my actions allows me to better see when I am spinning and when I am growing results. My review confirmed what I knew all along – or at least I had suspected – I had allowed distractions and promises of easier paths (or immediate results) lure me away from where I knew I needed to be going.

Seeing the truth allowed my determination to be renewed and my focus to reach my unique design to become clearer than ever before.

Until it wasn’t.

Every time I sit down to write there is a world full of distractions a few keystrokes away. I sat down after my revelation and then invested a full hour doing the exact same things that had led me astray in the first place.

Clear Out the Crazy

  1. Crazy is trying to conform. My journey will not be like any other journey because I’m not like any other person (just ask my husband – he’ll confirm this). I can (and should) learn from others and then I have to find a way to implement their teaching into my unique walk. The path I walk out will be unique to me. Anything else results in me running into a ditch.
  2. Crazy is journeying down the wrong path. It is up to me to invest in learning about my path and understanding how it will look, feel, and turn (because it WILL turn). I know my path. I have notes and notes of path defining information. I may not know all the details of my path, but I knew enough to keep me moving if I keep my focus in the right place.
  3. is expecting the world to understand. The world will never get it. The world will always declare that I am the one that is crazy and that I am “not normal.” The world doesn’t get what I’m doing or how I’m doing it. They world expects a “pain by numbers” plan but none of us live out a “pain by numbers” life.”
  4. Crazy is always trying new things but never sticking to anything. It will take some time, effort, or investment to get the desired results. If I keep hopping from one idea to the next then I never give any ideas the opportunity to grow up into the success I desired. I need to adjust to fit my journey, but I need to give the investment an opportunity to grow.
  5. Life happens. Life happened just today. I could have gotten caught up in or I could have continued to move down the designed path that is moving me ever closer to my desired destination. Only one way will get me there, but I guarantee that crazy will continue to try to stop me from make that choice.

    Be blessed,

    Stop giving Crazy the control

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