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5 Reasons to Cultivate Inspiration for Growing Hope in Purpose

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MAP IT OUT – Week 4 – Inspiration

Friday – Cultivate Possibilities

I have to have Motivation, and the right Attitude, and Persistence, but I also have to have Inspiration to dream more than I am or I have right now – then take that inspiration and put it to work.

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Cultivate the Inspiration to Grow Possibilities

It will take outrageous ideas – the enormous, atrocious, and tumultuous ideas that shake things up and stir things up – to break out of the box of ordinary and expected.

#GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Inspiration - Cultivate

  1. I need to challenge the inspiration – to look at it under a microscope and review all of the different fibers and edges.
  2. I must put the dream to test – see if there is a possibility of it working the way I think it will work.
  3. It will require learning. Even the best dreams and the greatest plans will require that I take that inspiration, test that inspiration, learn from the experience AND also learn to increase the results.

  4. Rinse and repeat – test, learn, revise. That it is the only method for discovering the true path to my unique success.
  5. Enjoy the harvest – because when I do what I know to do and I keep doing it and perfecting it then I WILL arrive.

Dreams spark inspiration, and inspiration that is challenged and hashed out becomes the possibilities that push us to fulfill all of our promise. We can and now we will allow the dreams to drive us to the place where we will.

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This world is going to try to convince me that I am supposed to remain grounded – and not just grounded, but locked into the box THEY designed.

I refuse. I am going to live my purpose and I am going to live it with intentional boldness.

Quote of the Day to Inspire and Encourage

Quote of the Day - Thomas Edison

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves!”- Thomas A. Edison

Possibilities for my life and in my life abound. I am more than I can even begin to imagine – until I begin to imagine.

Unlocking my uniqueness paves the path for me to live out all of my possibilities.

But I will have to do it. I will have to walk it out. When I begin to walking it out then I will discover I have even more in me than I realized when I first started out on the journey.

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