Relationships INcouraged – 1 – Understanding Encouragement

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I have seen first-hand the power of encouragement and I have also seen similar efforts run right off the tracks – understanding the heart of encouragement makes all the difference in how it goes.

Defining and Understanding

When I release the need to get back – when I find the place of not expecting a return – then I make room for relationships to grow into all that they are supposed to be.

    1. Define – because it may not be what you think it is. The definition may even change from one person to the next or one situation to the next. We are looking for the deep down definition or the heart of what is encouragement.

    2. Recognize – learn to see it in action. Different people prefer different methods and different methods from different people – so it can be a challenge just to pin down encouragement at times.

    3. Avoid the Nagging edge – because there can be a fine line between encouragement and nagging at times. Encouragement can serve as a reminder or a reminder can be a nagging deterrent – and the difference between the two is smaller than an eyelash.

    4. One size fits all – this isn’t true for clothes and it definitely isn’t true for encouragement. Every person will need unique words and efforts because every person is unique.

    5. Quiet – because sometimes the still and quiet can be the best encouragement. Utilizing no words (and not even any actions) can be the right encouragement at the right time.

Learning how to instill courage can provide a great weapon to those who will receive. Courage makes it possible to go up against giants. Courage makes it possible to stand strong even in the midst of the storm. Courage makes it possible to step out even when I don’t know where the step is leading.

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