Growing Change – 4 – Back to the Future

If I want to grow change for my life then I have to stop looking back – because looking back only leaves me caught in a past that I have no business toting around. When I look ahead, then I change everything.

Growing Change by Turning Back to the Future

I begin to clear up my focus or to get my focus right by making a few minor adjustments to my day.

    – Looking ahead creates a straight line – looking behind will leave a crooked mess.

    – Looking ahead reduces the stumbles – when I am looking behind me I can’t see the things that are going to trip me up when I step ahead.

    – Looking ahead prepares me for the incoming hindrances or storms – looking behind keeps me blind to what I might walk into.

    – Looking ahead keeps me focused on the possibility – looking behind will keep me mired down in the what ifs and should haves.

    – Looking ahead releases me from the past – looking behind keeps me in bondage do it.

There are so many things that I wish I had done different or better or not at all. If I invest all of my energy thinking on those things then there will be nothing left to invest into my impossible dreams.

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